Saturday, September 25, 2010

Etsy Fun!

Sorry for the delay, ( I was going to post this yesterday...) but I guess life just snuck up on me. (AKA my husband was home from work last night. Translation? I do nothing when my hubby is home. We just hang. smile!)

So I figure we'll feature some Etsy love. I just recently ordered a beautiful (handmade, custom) bag from Paulina Carcach!! I had been waiting what seemed like an eternity (honestly when you have to wait at all for something you really want doesn't it always seem like forever?) I received a package in the mail yesterday. Take a deep breath, you're going to want it before you squeal!


And because I'm becoming more and more like a girl the older I get... I asked her if I could have some bright colored feminine fabric...


Enter pink! ALLELUIA! (ppsssst! Can you see the dragon bag? Of course I did that on purpose! Silly!)

Needless to say, when I was able to make my first *big* expensive bag purchase I passed up the chance to buy a Coach bag (to the utter surprise of my mom,) to order from Paulina. Instead I have a classic amazing quality leather bag that was HAND-MADE for me at a fraction of the price of a Coach bag! And I was even able to have it customized! And let me tell you, my mom was GUSHING over the bag when she saw it. And now my only decision is... what color will my next Paulina bag be?? Because she has the most WONDERFUL selections of colored leather to chose from, EVER!!! :) Plus I'm super excited because when Paulina has a handbag line that is as big as Coach my customized Paulina bag is going to be worth mega-bucks. ;) I can just see myself now...

"Oh yes I have one of Paulina's first bags. It was hand-made by her. You know that's how she originally made all of her bags..." ;-)

I think I might make featuring Etsy profiles a regular THANG... not because people are paying me, but because I think it is IMPERATIVE that we give props to the other amazingly creative people out there who are also doing it on their own. And also because I have an Etsy shop that I am super in love with right now... That I'll wait to comment on until I have bought some scrumptuous things of my own. Until then... can you guess what I'm working on??


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  1. Oh my word, that is the most wonderful purse I have ever seen!So much better than a Coach because its one of a kind. I am going to check out this Etsy store, thanks for sharing!