Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking White to a Whole New Level

Who doesn't love the basic before and after of taking a junky piece of run-down furniture, (like said side table,) and turning it into something classic and wonderful by updating the hardware and painting it white??

Side Table Re-do Before

But for this DIY'er... it's not enough. After seeing a piece of furniture a while back at Home Goods (God, I love that store!) painted flat black with a stenciled high-gloss black design over it, I fell in love. But months passed and I forgot about the concept. In comes Bethany's BEAUTIFUL Kitchen re-do on Sawdust and Embryos... with an accent wall painted with (you guessed it!) a flat color with a hand-painted accent in the same color with a high gloss. Strokes of genius!

So this isn't any ordinary white re-do...

side-table after 7

Because if you look a little closer...

You might find the gem of the subtle patterns painted in high-gloss. For those of you who enjoy elegance without the fuss of being too over-the-top. :)

Side-table after!

Side-table after 5

::uber proud::

I think I officially have to quit my full-time job so I can do this all the time. And with more amazing colors. :)

What do you think? :) Have something you want to try this on? Have something you want ME to try this on? :)

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