Friday, August 27, 2010


So in lieu of updating you about my original summer project: the chairs that I bought almost a year ago, I'm going to share with you a wonderfully finished project instead.

Just for the record, I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief when I say *finished* project. I mean seriously, thank the Lord! Those chairs have been taking the life out of me partially because I have extended the life of the project *much* past their prime.

Any-who, my husband and I recently moved into an awesome apartment. With a much bigger master bedroom, and we had NO bedroom furniture! So I wanted side tables. And I found this:


The most wonderful nightstand in the world! How fun! How different!!

How expensive!

OK, so I found a nightstand I loved, but couldn't bare to spend more money to buy the matching table... I figured, what the heck? I'll paint a table and do what they did. In a matching motif. That's gotta be cheaper, right??

Of course!

Enter in Before/After of nightstand Numero Uno:



But hey? Why am I paying for an expensive nightstand when I can just do it myself?? So back went the "inspiration" and in came the Before/After of nightstand Numero Duo.


And just to make it more girly, (i.e. more appropriate for MY side of the bed!) I went with a different motif.


Tah-dah! And here are a few close-ups of the details for those who care. The only thing I am sad about was how the color I picked to "match" my inspiration table ended up being a lighter than the original side table. Oh well, I still love them and am proud of my money-saving techniques, (and the new hardware! I love glass knobs and things!)

DSC00165 DSC00162 DSC00161

Yay for new nightstands!!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Craigslist Chairs, Before and After!

Well this week has been a harrowing week to say the least. I have been spending it at my parent's house, helping them as they are away on vacation. And doing some amazing reupholstering projects!!! Sadly, the week has gone a bit slower than I initially thought it would, and I have not been able to finish all the projects that I wanted to ::cough, cough, chairs, cough, cough:: though I have picked up another set of chairs! Yikes! My husband looked at me in my face this past week when I was getting overwhelmed and said "You took too much on." Boooooo!! Can't I do it all? Who really needs to sleep??

Anyway so at the beginning of the week my little heart leapt in joy when I found these on Craigslist for $35. Despite some hesitations, (I knew this would totally make my week much more hectic taking them on,) I absolutely HAD TO HAVE THEM. I've seen too many cool chairs re-done like this on my favorite blogs like and to pass them up. So here it is, my very own project! Yay for BEFORE AND AFTER!!

Chairs before

Honestly, the chairs were pretty awesome on their own. And as much as I absolutely LOVE to paint wood I can hear the little voice of my parents in my head "Why do you paint wood? Wood is so beautiful. " And this wood was in great condition, so I kept it. I just made the chairs more youthful. :)

Both chairs front

Chairs back Cropped

Chair 2 front

It's all in the details! I heart tufting. I am always left devastated when somebody decides to nix the tufting on a before and after...

Detail on Chais

So for a first DIY upholstery job, I'm happy. They look great. Though I know I can do better. You know what that means right?? MORE CHAIRS TO COME! YAY!

Stay tuned for the next set of chairs... (ie the chairs I've previously posted about!)
For the record, I decided to paint those. AND I'm using springs and hand-tying them. Oh boy! Do you understand why my husband said I was overwhelming myself? LOL