Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fabric Angst

So you might read other *wonderful* blogs that give you straight before-and-afters, and while I am in love with them... I've decided this blog is just not one of them.

For instance, today I am going to share with you the angst I get when I am trying to undergo a project.

Lately the angst has largely come in fabric form. Boo on fabric. Specifically, boo on fabric from Yep, you heard me, I just bashed the website that sells the most inexpensive fabric out there... and gives you free shipping. Why? Because my past two orders have not been fulfilled because the quantities of fabric they show on their website is NOT ACCURATE. Basically, if you see that a fabric has 15 yards of fabric or less... it means that by the time they come around to processing your order IT WON'T BE THERE. Boogers. I can't tell you how upset I was about these facts.

Twice I was stabbed in the heart...

First by a beautiful yellow jacquard that I planned to make curtains out of and the show you pictures of my beautiful living room.

Bloomfield Jacquard Sunflower

Then by an amazing textured, cream-colored fabric for a chair re-do...

Robert Allen Matelasse Wicker Snow

But instead. Here are my projects. Left abandoned. Waiting...

Living room, no curtains
The Undressed Living Room

Free chair
The Dingy Old Chair

Boogers, I guess I just have to stop being so cheap and refusing to pay more than like $5-7 a yard on amazing quality fabric that would have literally cost me at least $20-40 a yard at a Joann's fabric anyday. I guess I have to up my price to about $9-11 a yard...

Do I?

Maybe I'll just forego all of that and return to Target, where I found the fabric for these beautiful chairs. They turned out just fine didn't they??

Chair 2 front

But seriously, all of you who are out there in blog land... Please offer some help. Specifically for the Dingy Old Chair. I don't know what to do... the logical woman in me says "find a neutral colored fabric to re-upholster it in so you can have it forever, no matter what color you decide to change your decor to." The other side says, "Are you kidding? Have fun with it! Pick two different fabrics, mix and match! Go Big or Go HOME!!!" What do you think?? Anybody??


  1. Wow, that is a hard decision. Neutral is probably the smartest route but it is awfully tempting to be fun and inventive! I mean you can pick up a neutral chair anywhere, right?I know how hard these decisions are. Sorry, I don't think I helped a bit

  2. I LOVE the chair you upholstered! Amazing combination of fabrics!

  3. Chrissie you are like my fav person right now. Your comment literally made me LOL. It's exactly the inner dialogue that is going on in my head right now. he he....

    And Kate! Thank you! I just went over to your blog and died when I saw your sewing machine. A-mAzInG!! ( you can't hear it but I totally just sang that to you. lol. )

  4. I know this is a laaaate comment, and I don't know if you figured it out yet, but given the linen thing in a later post, I say do linen and stamp some kind of font on it. A la anthropologie. Letters and numbers are big right now. ;) PLUS it'd be neutral!