Monday, October 4, 2010


Not in the bad way.

In the Rachel Zoe kind of way.

"I die."

I think I'm obsessed with furniture and fabric the way Rachel Zoe is obsessed with fashion. Who knows, maybe.

But after looking at tons of pictures online today... I think I found some of my inspiration picto's. Aka pictures. Keep up with the MrsK-slang people!

Enter in linen and burlap.... and the amazing Aidan Gray.

aidan gray chandler chair

Did you know I want to do a bench soon??

Aidan Gray upholstered bench

And as the grand finale... Enter in Restoration Hardware...


I think Aidan Gray will be my personal interior decorator in heaven. Or even better, maybe we both work at Restoration Hardware together!

I'm just loving the laid-back style of using linens all over the place. And I'll admit when I saw chairs that were made with grain sacks and the like a few months ago I thought it was crazy. Now I'm seeing these pictures and I'm insanely in love with them. And the idea of linen drapes... my word, I think the heavens have opened up my mind! Needless to say, I am more than dying, and loving every second of it.

Plus I think I just fell in love with a $4,000 couch. Just don't tell my husband!


  1. Don't be so afraid. You would love the couch, too you know. :-)