Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Day 1 of Vacay

I can't help it. I'm nervous!

There has been a project that I have been wanting to work on all year... I know how wonderfully reupholstery projects look when done well... but I also know how ambitious I want to be with this project... and I'm nervous!!

Here are my two parlor chairs that I fell in love with. Notice that I started the deconstruction process? I want do completely re-do them. And well... there is a lot to them. There are buttons... which can be an adventure in and of itself. And I really really want to redo the springs that it has as well.. but I am tempted to just buy high density foam and well, kind of cheat... because not only will this project be lengthly but it will also be costly... well, costly for the cheapest woman in the world. LOL...

I'm half tempted to just get rid of them and try again. But I've already bought some things that I will need for the project. Now it's decision time... should I go the whole way and change out the springs? Or should I just "cheap out" and buy some foam, and go from there?? Oysh! I don't know!! Feedback?

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