Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help! I'm Nakey!!!

My chair is officially nakey. Why hello chair in all your birthday glory. :) I found some interesting things as I completely took apart the chair. I noticed that the chair had been redone once, but only by the upholsterer using fresh webbing, (this is the foundational layer to a chair with springs.) And I have decided and committed (meaning I spent money!) to how I am going to re-do the chair. Will I use foam? Will I go the old fashioned route and use springs? Stay tuned!!!

But before I move on to my next step I have to decide what in tarnations I will do with the frame of my chair. These chairs are not perfect... (this one in particular has a crack in the frame that I must glue,) and I am completely ok with that because it is my first project, and I fully expect my work to not be perfect. Is this setting myself up for disaster? I don't think so, just building in the freedom of messing up on a first try. I mean honestly, who is perfect?

Anyway back to the frame... Should I paint it? Sand it and restain it? I am not sure yet... though I love this idea that I found over at, where part of the chair was left so that you can see the original woodwork. I know painting furniture is so popular right now but my gut says that painted furniture is just a passing fad, and within the next few years everyone will fall in love with natural wood again... and all of us who have painted furniture will be left to learn how to strip it down and stain it. But hey, us DIYer's are ready for exactly that aren't we? A new project is always welcome!
Anyway here is the link to the original post on designsponge that I fell in love with this idea in the first place. If anyone is out there, let me know what you think!

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