Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Help

I have just completed about 70 pages of The Help by Kathryn Stockett. You know what I realized? In a book, you can write about whatever you want. There is no reason for me to be self-conscious about what I write. I can have little short stories or thoughts from the past, I can have the main character's thoughts run in a tangent that is sometimes difficult to trace back to reality. My book can be as unique and creative as its author-- and yet even more so. It's ok. I can write, without the fear of people.

Thanks, book.

What I really mean to say is thank you Jesus for allowing me the freedom to be even a fraction as creative as you are. Imagine what joy the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit had during the time of creation? When the earth was fresh and new, before any sin had entered the world? Imagine how much God truly labored to get to that end result? Though it might not have been the same type of labor that we have on this world, truly he must have labored if it is even mentioned that on the 7th day He did, in all of His glory, stop to rest.

I got a phone call today from the school district that I work for. Turns out they do indeed want help for their summer school program. I am very thankful for this call, and was truly expecting it to come... because it means that I will have a "job" for a month... June to July. And it is a job that is only about 2.5 hrs every day for the afternoon, which is indeed wonderful, and what is even more fabulous is that they pay splendidly. For the amount of money that I would have made if I worked at a summer day camp for 8 weeks from 9-4pm, I'll make in one month working 12:30-3:00pm. Thank you Jesus! While this will put a little bit of a time crunch on all of the things I wanted to do this summer, (which if you have read this post you'll remember is quite a lot,) it will provide me with a little bit more structure... which I feel that I need. And it will get me out of the house (the school is only 3.5 miles away from my house!) and thus provide me with a more scheduled time for when I will work out everyday. And it is at a time that my husband, if he is working, will be away. (He works retail, so you never quite know what days he will have off.) Can you see the Lord's hand? Surely this can only be His work!

Plus, the extra money will make me feel not so guilty about purchasing the materials I needed for the chairs... and the other crafts that I want to make this summer! :-D

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