Friday, February 5, 2010

Flower Pin

So this week has flown by for me. Like craziness, honestly. I work at a school district and I had two afterschool programs this week, one right after the other. It was craziness! Long days, but definitely blessed ones. My hubby Troy and I were able to hang out with our friends mid-week, and see a bunch of people yesterday (as per the norm on Thursdays,) and I'm SUPER excited about having people over tonight.

I did want to post these instructions to make a flower pin. My mom asked me this past week "what easy craft can I do?" because she was getting together with a few women who crochet, and knit, and paint, and she didn't know what to do! This is a great craft for kids, maybe middle school girls. I made my flower (with a few feathers!) into a pin, but you can use it as an applique on your clothes. Who knows! Get creative!!! The instructions are for using a hot glue gun, but I sewed my flower together to make it a bit more secure.

You need:
1 piece of felt (8"x11") cut into 6 circles
Hot glue gun
Brooch Pin
1 Button (optional)

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