Sunday, February 21, 2010

Opinions on Facebook

Lately, a group of believers that I am a part of have taken on the task to discuss issues that God has laid upon their hearts. These issues are ones that are a bit controversial, and thus need to be spoken of in a well-educated light.

Last night was one such discussion. The topic was "Technology" but more specifically, it was technology in the form of social networking. Here are a few points I took away from it.

1) Facebook can be an avenue of sin for many. It is difficult for people to see other friends with smiling faces and not be jealous of their situations. Either seeing pictures and developing jealousy, or even judgment, upon others has cause the deletion of some users accounts in the Christian realm.

2) Many other users have noted how much time they can spend on Facebook. Oftentimes Facebook can take away our valuable time that might be better focused on school work, careers, or general lifestyle maintenance.

3) Facebook "Friends" can often be people you have not spoken to for years, and if you see casually, might not even say hi to. What are they then? A false acquaintance? A memory of a time you once knew them? Do you have them as friends only to indulge your self-importance?

4) Facebook status updates diminish the need for you to actually contact people you care about. "Oh wow, how is so-and-so doing? Well let me look at their wall and find out..." Thus decreasing human interaction.

5) The general "Best to Worst" ways of communicating are: Face to face, phone, letters, messaging (e-mail, text), and then "Pokes." Pokes are the ultimate in sterile contact with another human being. Thus, when you do go out of your way to visit someone, or to write them a physical letter it shows much more intentionality and care.

6) The diminished use of face to face interaction as a means of communication is greatly diminishing the skill of people (especially children) to interact with one another. It is also causing the loss of courage when dealing with difficult situations. These situations might include pursuing an apology, speaking when shy, or the ability to face rejection.

These few points being stated, I currently have a Facebook account and enjoy it! This discussion does make me question my motives. My husband just took steps to delete his Facebook account. Is that what I should do? I do not think so but I do think I will be more mindful of the time I spend on Facebook.

What do you think? I really would love to hear any input!! Maybe if you see me in person, we can talk about it! ;)

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