Thursday, September 24, 2009

Only the Best

So the last time I had a blog I was in high school. Some things have changed (residence, marital status, puppy ownership ;), college!), others haven't, (the same me, the same guy, the same fingerprints.) ;-) But one thing that has never changed.... is my creative little mind. How quickly it moves sometimes! I intend to fill this blog with interesting opinions, reviews, and fun projects that I might be working on. ;) Hopefully, you'll receive only the best.

Currently I'm working in Philadelphia while my husband admirably pursues a graduate degree. I am so excited for him. Biblically, a woman is called to respect her husband... Or in a worldly sense, your man. This wouldn't be so difficult if a woman's core sinful desire is to control and manipulate her man, and his position as the head of the household. And I confess, I have struggled with such desires.

I am an independent woman to say the least; honestly I feel like my husband is trying to train a wild beast most of the time, and I don't know how he can be so patient with me! From my wild thoughts to my stubborn (and often wrong) ways, I might as well be a native member of your local jungle. I was raised in a household where criticism and free thought were coveted. Therefore I tend to look upon my husband with a very critical eye. Much more so than I should, as I am called to as a woman of God.

But lately there has been a change in the proverbial winds. I look upon my husband and his work fondly. I am more attracted to him than I ever have been. I wonder, is it because we have successfully completed the first year of marriage, infamous for its hardship? Or because I am working a job in my field that I love? Or maybe the slightly improved income?

No, it is not any of these things. And I can truly say this with confidence. My husband is pursuing God's call on his life: he is attending seminary where he is studying to earn his Masters in Divinity, so that he may become a chaplain in the Air Force. Basically, he would be a pastor or a "priest" of the Protestant Christian faith within the Air Force. And I could not be more proud! I now look upon my husband each day and fondly see a man who is being conformed into the likeness of Christ in order to humbly serve the men and women of our armed forces.

I now understand why it is so important to find a man who has a similar outlook and overall goal in their life. Truly, how can you ever grow together if you are not a team, working towards a similar goal? I'm proud of my husband because I am united in his excitement for his future goal. I respect him because he is working diligently, in humility and with thanksgiving, towards a degree. And I am in love with him because of his person, that he does not forget those around him and is constantly looking towards his brothers and sisters in Christ with love and care.

I do not mean to outrightly brag, but well, I do love my husband. And not to say that he isn't flawed, but he is also humbly aware of this fact. But I exhort you brothers and sisters, look upon the character and heart of those whom you are dating with a wise eye. Will you grow together? Do you have a similar goal and focus? Women, do you respect and rejoice over the work of a potential mate? The psalmist states "For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the work of your hands," (Ps 92:4.) As we rejoice over the deeds and work of our heavenly bridegroom, so should we not also rejoice over the works of our earthly bridegroom? Therefore men and women, be mindful that you share a similar heart with the one you are with.

I've included a picture of my husband thinking and staring off into the distance. I laughed outright when I saw him kneeling on the ground, pondering the mysteries of an infinite God because I can see how ridiculous these actions might be. But, oh! How it brings me joy to see the work of our Father's hands on my earthly head.

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