Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Direction and New Year's Resolutions

Do excuse my absence from the blog world... A lot has happened, and honestly I feel as though I have lost my way at times. A lot has happened.

I had a son in September...


And I'm in love with him. Who could give anything less to this little man?


Being a mom has brought a new deeper love than I had ever thought possible. And it's impossible to ignore his presence in my life. Rest assured that my new role as mother will be the topic of many posts to come.

I have also set some goals for this year. And while April is not exactly the time to talk about New Year's resolutions... I'm embracing mine publicly at this time. Last year I resolved to clean my closet... and damnit, I finished on December 31st. I think good New Years resolutions will last the whole year through if they reflect your true heart for change. So why not?

1) Be 20 pounds lighter in 2012. It's a bold goal... and one I've been vastly struggling with as far as how to get there. More details about my struggles in the future.


2) Be one book "lighter" by the end of the year. Translation: get off my booty and make a presentable manuscript that will hopefully be accepted by a publisher by the end of the year... or at least, send out query letters for it. The rest is in someone else's hands.

So there you have it. Three very different topics to this blog than previously laid out. Motherhood. Weightloss. Writing.

And maybe some design thrown in here and there. ;-) I'm becoming much more modern in my tastes... and would love to share some things with you.

To those who actually decide to follow my journey. Welcome. I hope I can inspire a few, and find encouragement from you as well.


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  1. So, I didn't know you have a blog too! How are you guys? I bet little man is getting big! We were just thinking about you last weekend when we met up with Deb and Daryl. What have you been up to these days? Have you gotten any writing done?